Inside the Daytime Emmy Gifting Suites with Susan Lucci

Hollywood is the land of celebrity as it’s all about celebrating the Arts. And, celebrate they did at the recent daytime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go behind the scenes in those fabulous suites graced by the stars, here’s a peek into the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Golden Gifting Suite produced by 8 time Emmy award winning producer, Lisa Lew. And, having experienced the incredible production involved, this is no small feat!

Harry Connick, Jr. made an appearance dropping off his gorgeous daughters, Georgia and Sarah, along with Jill Goodacre, his beautiful wife. Making a splash on the red carpet, they set the scene for a powerful and lively afternoon of pampering for those who came out and joined the fun. The actors in the world of daytime television are some of the most dedicated in Hollywood. Most of us know the name, Susan Lucci, having spent much of her acting life on the set of “All My Children.” One of the most gracious and refreshing actresses in Hollywood, Susan spent the afternoon warmly greeting the fans while making herself available for one selfie after another. 70 years young, she personally set the stage for the afternoon, making everyone who entered the suite feel like a star.

If you missed your chance with Harry Connick, Jr. or Susan Lucci, there were opportunities to meet Blair Underwood, Alex Trebek, or the fabulous and peerless letter turner, Vanna White. Kelly Monaco and Loni Love were spotted checking out the stash in the Gold Room as well. Overflowing with distinctive treasures, there was a wide range of goodies from beauty to jewelry as well as delectable gourmet gift baskets. From fashion to spa products, every avenue was covered in the most delightful way allowing the guests to mingle and feel like celebrities themselves. With the daytime A list stars peppered throughout the suite, it was a star studded event.

The fragrant bouquets were courtesy of Jeff Leatham Floral Design, the celebrity florist in Hollywood. The Wine Caterers is a multi niche wine tasting company that provided delightful libations. Designer Galina Sobolev curated her Single Dress looks. Limited edition dog tags were created by Kate Mesta, a local artisan out of Laguna Beach. Reinventing skincare, Masqueology helps the stars turn back the clock naturally. Designer Jessie Liu shared her ready to wear collection known for high quality at an affordable price point. For cocktail and evening wear, Shavi Lewis showed off her limited luxury brand. Tennis Girls Rock is a super fun boutique dedicated to the love of the sport. Curated boxes have become a crowd favorite and Try The World India Box was hand curated by Chef Hemant Mathur with gourmet delicacies from around the world.

Everyone in Tinseltown is looking for the latest anti aging products and Face Camp is a groundbreaking skincare line originally developed for burn patients. Using all natural ingredients including niacinamide, it’s a new line that drew a lot of praise and attention from the A-Listers. Who doesn’t love mineral makeup and COLOREVOLUTION is made right here in California. Vanity Girl Hollywood creates the mirrors that will make you feel that you stepped backstage at New York Fashion Week. Makeup Artist Marc Harvey has created the most coveted airbrush product on the market today with his Marc Harvey Beauty Cosmetics. Hollywood wouldn’t be Hollywood without the benefit of a bit of a golden touch and KAX Tanning Souffle was a hit to add some golden color.

Most stars are known for the most gorgeous pearly whites and Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening has changed the game as they come directly to you for personalized service. For the latest in trendy accessories, Alister Kekhi shared their latest collection of elegant jewelry, sunglasses and evening clutches. To make sure they were on time for the Emmy’s, the stars scooped up Q & Q Quartz watches, known for their environmental protection stand. For wonderful under eye care, Flawless by Friday makes everyone camera ready! Another brand, Rock Tape helps athletes with cutting edge education and fitness support products. Staying in shape is certainly key to longevity in Hollywood. To quench their thirst, Rocket Fizz came to the rescue with the most unusual flavors in the land of soda pop.

Much like a mind body makeover, everyone was treated to some fabulous swag along with beauty makeovers just in time for the next evening’s Emmy Award Presentation. The daytime Emmy stars are some of the most hardworking actors in Hollywood, showing up day after day to entertain us, making it look all too easy. Susan Lucci is a prime example and a powerful role model for women of all ages. Most of us know her story. Nominated for an Emmy award 19 times and ever a bridesmaid, she’s a powerful role model for grace and elegance. In her words, she never felt like a loser. Her perspective was to focus her gratitude on having the opportunity to be on All My Children for decades and the chance to win an Emmy. Her perspective is a refreshing one in Hollywood. Her heart has moved young children to mail her their own trophies. She’s even received an Oscar from someone who thought she deserved it and gave her his own! Now, that’s an authentic experience that’s classic Susan Lucci and reflective of the hearts in this daytime community. The daytime A Listers is a tight knit group, as only these individuals know the kind of dedication it takes to show up and prepare each and every day. Susan was delighted to partake in the festivities. In her own words, the daytime Emmy’s are very special and the gifting suites offer a wide variety of everything from sunglasses to designer gowns. As you’ll see in the video, she’s having a blast entertaining everyone in the suite with her kindness.

Watch the videos and live vicariously as the stars bring you along to show you behind the scenes. You’ll see all the treasures, from Foster Grants that will have you looking like a movie star to the anti aging benefits of Masqueology. Lisa and her team have established a solid reputation in Hollywood. No one understands the community better than Lisa and that’s reflected in her personal dedication to celebrating the daytime A List Emmy Stars. I can’t wait to come back next year.

And congratulations to Susan Lucci for the sweet award she probably should have won a long time ago! Thank you, Susan, for showing us what grace and courtesy is all about through these years.

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